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The Jellystone Park™ Campground in Montrose, CO, has many activities planned for you to participate in throughout the summer season. Activities are subject to change, so please inquire at the time of your reservation.

Fun Activities will vary among the following – Pool Games, Hay Rides, Ceramics, Crafts & Tie-Dye, Wii, Candy Bar Bingo, Ice Cream Socials, Weenie Roasts, Movies, Games including Scavenger Hunts and Water Balloons, Social Gatherings, Visits from Yogi Bear™ and Halloween FUN!

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Jellystone Park™ of Black Canyon 2017 Weekends

May 25-28  Memorial Day Weekend
Summer is almost here! We will be honoring our Service Men and Veterans this weekend. We want to say a big thank you for your sacrifices and keeping us safe. There will be activities, crafts and games. We will have a hay ride with Yogi Bear™ (weather permitting). A memorial service and retirement of flags will be held. Join us for a hot dog cookout free to our Service men and Veterans. A small fee will be charged to friends and family.

June 1-2 Yogi Bear’s™ Birthday
Come this weekend and help us celebrate Yog iBear’s™ Birthday! We will have games, activities and we will even have cupcakes and ice cream! Yummmmm!!!! We are going to have a hayride and maybe convince Yogi Bear™ to come along.

June 8-9 Flag Day
On this weekend, we will celebrate our American Flag and what it represents to us and all of our friends. We will start the weekend off by raising our American Flag with Yogi Bear™ on Saturday morning. Then head on over to the Country Barn for some arts and crafts. And maybe some games and activities.

June 16-18 Father’s Day Weekend
We will be celebrating our Fathers this weekend! Be sure to bring Dad over Saturday morning to raise the flag with Yogi Bea™r. Then we will head over to the Country Barn for crafts and make a special surprise for Dad. In the afternoon we will play games, activities, and races with dad. Then Sunday morning we will have our first “All You Can Eat Pancake And Sausage Breakfast” of the season! Free to all our Dads.

June 22-24 Family Olympics Weekend
Come one come all!!! We are celebrating our family’s this weekend. So, that means the whole family will be involved. There will be racing events activities and crafts for all. When you get here check out the events we have planned and get ready. On Sunday, we will have an “All You Can Eat Pancake And Sausage Breakfast”.

July 1-4 Independence Day Weekend
Happy Birthday to America! Wear your red, white and blue to our flag raising ceremony on Saturday morning with Yogi Bear™. Then join us in the Country Barn for crafts, games and activities. Sunday morning, we will have an “All You Can Eat Pancake And Sausage Breakfast”.

July 7-9 Western Roundup Weekend
Be sure to wear your favorite western hat and boots this weekend! Lots of crafts, activities and games will be held. We will have a contest to see who has the loudest YEE HAW! There will be a hay ride and a smore’s roast afterward. Sunday morning, we have an “All You Can Eat Pancake And Sausage Breakfast”.

July 14-16 Super Hero Weekend
We are saying a big THANK YOU to our Law enforcement, fire fighters and medical personnel, who all put their lives on the line every day for us. We would like to honor you for your dedication and service. Pay for one night, and get one night free. Reservations are required. Please call the office in advance to set your reservation. (ID’s required upon arrival. RV and Tent sites only) Flag raising on Saturday morning, July 15, with Yogi Bear™. We will have crafts, games and other activities. Don’t forget the “All You Can Eat Pancake And Sausage Breakfast” on Sunday Morning.

July 21-23 Wet ‘N Wild Weekend 
Come this weekend and be ready to get WET! You never know who is around with a squirt gun or a water balloon! We will have a water balloon toss, squirt gun shoot outs and swimming pool games. Bring your squirt guns and balloons. Remember the “All You Can Eat Pancake And Sausage Breakfast” on Sunday morning.

July 28-30 Great Outdoors Weekend
We will venture out this weekend for some fun in the sun and some fresh air. There will be swimming, games, scavenger hunts, bird watching and outdoor Tic-Tac-Toe, with sticks and stones. Remember the “All You Can Eat Pancake And Sausage Breakfast” on Sunday Morning.

August 4-6 Back to School Weekend
Well Kids it’s that time again. Where did the summer go, School starts soon! We want you to come and join us this weekend for some Kid Time Fun!!  Saturday raise the flag with Yogi Bear™. We will have crafts and activities of your choice. Swimming Pool activities, games and a Ice Cream Eating Contest. There will be hay rides and smores to follow. Make sure you join us Sunday morning for “All You Can Eat Pancake And Sausage Breakfast”! A special treat for all school age kids and our younger tots too. Come check it out!

August 11-13 Hilbilly Hoedown Weekend
Yee haw! We are having an old-fashioned hoedown! Come see what Yogi Bear™ and friends are hoopin’ and hollerin’ about. Wear your favorite get up, and we will have some fun games and crafts, maybe even get in a pig calling contest, hay ride and bonfire! (with s’mores!). And to end the weekend, Sunday morning we will have an “All You Can Eat Pancake And Sausage Breakfast”.

September 1-3 Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is designated Mystery Site Weekend: Which will it be? One site, cabin, or lodge has been designated the mystery spot this weekend, and if you are the one who books it, it’s one night FREE! Join us for mysterious games, and scavenger hunts! Join Yogi Bear™ for one weekend that will leave you guessing! To top off our exciting weekend games, we will have an “All You Can Eat Pancake And Sausage Breakfast” on Sunday morning.

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